Anyone, whether professional, licensed access or lay clients can contact Quentin Hunt to obtain a quotation for legal services. The simplest route is to contact him directly via his PA at the telephone number within the contact section of this website. Mr Hunt accepts direct access instructions subject to the usual rules of the case being one where acting without the assistance of a solicitor is appropriate.

In criminal cases, many defendants may have the benefit of a representation order and receive publicly funded assistance (often referred to as Legal Aid). Mr Hunt does not accept instructions in legally aided cases.

In cases where clients wish to instruct a barrister without public funding (often referred to as privately paying clients), Mr Hunt is happy to discuss the most appropriate way of structuring payment of fees. Fees can be structured in a number of ways, including a fixed fee for the case, payment of an agreed hourly rate or payment of ‘a brief fee’ (a brief fee pays for preparation of the case for the trial up to and including the first day of the trial) with separate payments for each additional day of the trial (often referred to as ‘refreshers’). The fees agreed will reflect all of the circumstances of the case, including, but not limited to, the seriousness and complexity of the case, the volume of the papers and preparation required, the commitment required to prepare the case properly and the length of time the trial is expected to take. Mr Hunt will strive to ensure that any payment arrangement is tailored to both the needs of an individual client and the circumstances of the particular case. Legal Services attract VAT. Mr Hunt is registered for VAT and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Professional Indemnity Insurance is in place for all legal services supplied.

There are a number of different factors, which may influence the timescales within which Mr Hunt can provide legal services. These include, but are not limited to:



Criminal liability under Section 31 National Minimum Wage Act 1998

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